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Stratus is working really well. Phase II: use it for IPC (pub/sub store-n-forward)



Core functionality / API:

Scope is just a channel, identified with a String. For simplicity any Stratus node can subscribe to any channels, but one per subscribe() call (assuming acl permits such)

Publishing to a PRIVATE (unreadable) scope with a very long TTL is just a key/value store.

HTTP/1.1 & keepAlive (persistent TCP) would improve performance measurably. Does that matter?

IOT MQ table would require:

Access control? Stratus MQ has a name (URL) and a secret, access would also require a GUID. Do we need to further grant access by GUID (and therefore maintain a table of queue, guid, secret, approve/deny) ? -> yes, this allows for publish-only things (data sources) or subscribe-only (consumers). Implementation is (was) straightforward

Implementation details:

Access records (approve & reject) can be stored in the queue (private scope to the server), with a longish TTL. Rejects would be consumed for logging purposes or for an admin console ("approve this access"). Approved access can be consumed to track subscription (in which case the TTL can be pretty short).

Do we need a TTL based on message depth? "store N messages for at most M seconds" No current use case.

Do we need default TTLs for queues (either #messages, or time-per-message) ? #messages over time? no use case.